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Fellowship Point

Alice Elliott Dark

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Everyone who’d lost something of crucial importance wished he or she could go back to the moment when it was still theirs. The wish was so powerful it seemed it might reverse the direction of time. It bore apparitions and ghosts.”

“But there was a last time. An unforeseen and uncommemorated last time. I don’t remember it. That, more than anything, describes aging to me—the letting go of one activity after the next, with no fanfare. Just realizing later that the last time has come and gone,”

“Writing is waiting. That’s the whole of it. If you sit in your chair not doing anything else for long enough, the answer will come. You do have to be in your chair, though, ready to write it down.”

“What does it matter if she breaks something, compared to her feeling as though she belongs?”

“The leaves have mostly fallen, so the pines are having their glorious reign.”

“Marriage should be a long conversation leading to freedom”

“He’s a lost soul,” Elspeth said, her large eyes revealing the trustworthiness in her own soul. “He will always find a way to believe he’s right—even if he offers an apology. He’s broken, Ness. Everyone is—we all fell and broke when we were born. Some are lucky enough to understand this and devote themselves to making repairs. Others don’t see it and blame what is around them for pain that is universal in nature. John is one of those. I’m so sorry.”

“if they told their own stories, our whole society could fall apart. They have to think it’s nothing. But—”

“father-daughter relationship is unique in the kind of delight it brings to both persons, a proprietary pride that also contains an understanding of the boundaries that hold the two”

“everyone had specialties when it came to others.”

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