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Learn Creative Writing: A guide to writing perfect drafts

Adewale Joel

Top 10 Best Quotes

“the voice is simply the emotions and thoughts of the writer expressed through the eyes of the character, his behavior, thoughts, actions, dialogues and affectations.”

“The writer should find his style and voice in language, and train his mind into using the short or common words that his ego would not make him remember. In writing, you are selling a story, not words, to the readers.”

“The use of motifs is an effective device for memorability—the repetition of certain symbols throughout the experiences of the protagonist helps the idea register in the memory or subconscious of the reader.”

“The story of the self is simply the insight into the emotions of the protagonist and how he interacts with the outside world.”

“The reader should be able to imagine himself inhabiting the house, walking the streets, sitting by the river. All the writer needs to achieve this is the real expression of his tangible imaginations on a piece of paper.”

“The creative writer is a creator, yet his creative liberty should not be abused: his total dispositions should not squeeze the characters out of their will, thereby translating them into mental golems—respect your characters. Let them act and think for themselves.”

“Poetry is a painting of the imaginations of the human mind, but the reader needs to feel it and touch it.”

“Creative writing performs many functions. To the readers, it enlightens, enriches, entertains and informs. To the writer, creative writing is rhapsodic.”

“Characterisation is, in truth, a crucial part of creative writing, because it is the art of creation itself—the creative writer assumes the position of god, and gets his writing tools ready to beat and trim ideas into sensible animations.”

“A writer’s voice is the distinct fashion peculiar to a writer in which he pieces together words.”

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