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Hamstead Zoé A. et al. (Editors), "Resilient Urban Futures", Springer Nature, 2021, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-63131-4, License:

This open access book addresses the way in which urban and urbanizing regions profoundly impact and are impacted by climate change. The editors and authors show why cities must wage simultaneous battles to curb global climate change trends while adapting and transforming to address local climate impacts. This book addresses how cities develop anticipatory and long-range planning capacities for more resilient futures, earnest collaboration across disciplines, and radical reconfigurations of the power regimes that have institutionalized the disenfranchisement of minority groups. Although planning processes consider visions for the future, the editors highlight a more ambitious long-term positive visioning approach that accounts for unpredictability, system dynamics and equity in decision-making. This volume brings the science of urban transformation together with practices of professionals who govern and manage our social, ecological and technological systems to design processes by which cities may achieve resilient urban futures in the face of climate change.


Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. Megacities, Cities, Towns), Climate Change/climate Change Impacts, Sustainable Development, Urban Geography And Urbanism, Earth System Sciences, Environmental Social Sciences, Urban Resilience, Urban Futures, Sustainability Science, Urban Transformation, Future Scenarios, Climate Change, Open Access Urban Book, Urban & Municipal Planning, Sustainability

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