EG-ICE 2021 Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering

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Abualdenien Jimmy et al. (Editors), "EG-ICE 2021 Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering", , 2021, DOI: 10.14279/depositonce-12021, License:

The 28th EG-ICE International Workshop 2021 brings together international experts working at the interface between advanced computing and modern engineering challenges. Many engineering tasks require open-world resolutions to support multi-actor collaboration, coping with approximate models, providing effective engineer-computer interaction, search in multi-dimensional solution spaces, accommodating uncertainty, including specialist domain knowledge, performing sensor-data interpretation and dealing with incomplete knowledge. While results from computer science provide much initial support for resolution, adaptation is unavoidable and most importantly, feedback from addressing engineering challenges drives fundamental computer-science research. Competence and knowledge transfer goes both ways.


Advanced Computing, Life-cycle Design Support, Bim, Advanced Computing In Engineering, Engineering Ontologies, Engineering Optimisation

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