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Invited Lectures from the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education

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Kaiser Gabriele et al. (Editors), "Invited Lectures from the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education", Springer Nature, 2018, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-72170-5, License:

Mathematics Education; Mathematics Learning; Mathematics Teaching; Mathematics Teachers; ICME-13; 13th Congress on Mathematical Education; Empirical Studies in Mathematics Education; Theoretical Reflections on Mathematics Education; Tertiary Mathematics Education; Secondary Mathematics Education; Primary Mathematics Education; Society of Didactics of Mathematics; Mathematics Educators; Improvement of Mathematics Education; Global Mathematics Trends


Mathematics Education, Mathematics Learning, Mathematics Teaching, Mathematics Teachers, Icme-13, 13th Congress On Mathematical Education, Empirical Studies In Mathematics Education, Theoretical Reflections On Mathematics Education, Tertiary Mathematics Education, Secondary Mathematics Education, Primary Mathematics Education, Society Of Didactics Of Mathematics, Mathematics Educators, Improvement Of Mathematics Education, Global Mathematics Trends

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