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Linear Selection Indices in Modern Plant Breeding

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Céron-Rojas J. Jesus and Crossa José, "Linear Selection Indices in Modern Plant Breeding", Springer Nature, 2018, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-91223-3, License:

This open access book focuses on the linear selection index (LSI) theory and its statistical properties. It addresses the single-stage LSI theory by assuming that economic weights are fixed and known - or fixed, but unknown - to predict the net genetic merit in the phenotypic, marker and genomic context. Further, it shows how to combine the LSI theory with the independent culling method to develop the multistage selection index theory. The final two chapters present simulation results and SAS and R codes, respectively, to estimate the parameters and make selections using some of the LSIs described. It is essential reading for plant quantitative geneticists, but is also a valuable resource for animal breeders.


Life Sciences, Biostatistics, Plant Breeding, Animal Genetics

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