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Migration in Southern Africa

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Rugunanan Pragna and Xulu-Gama Nomkhosi (Editors), "Migration in Southern Africa", Springer Nature, 2022, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-92114-9, License:

This open access Regional Reader proposes new ways of theorizing migration in Southern Africa by arguing that traditional western forms of theorizing do not adequately fit the South-South migration context. It explores the existing definitions of a ‘migrant’ with a view to conceptualise a definition which will speak to the complexities, envisioning a more inclusive Southern African region. The book investigates the various levels of migration moving from the local (rural to urban and urban to rural) to cross border migration; middle-class versus working-class migrant household livelihoods; livelihoods procurement versus wage earning; social capital (networks) and how they make meaning of their circumstances in a ‘foreign’ space. It also acknowledges the intertwined issues of gender and class as important in analyzing migration processes and the chapters feature both in varying dimensions. As such, the book provides a great resource for students, academics and policy makers.


Theorising Migration From A Southern Perspective, Developing Economy In The Global South, African Migrants In Africa, Class Dynamics Of International Migration In The Global South, Legislation And Policy Frameworks Governing Migration, Policy Practices Of The South African State, Experiences Of Refugees In The Urban Context Of Johannesburg, Anti-immigrant Sentiment In South Africa, Xenophobic Violence In South Africa, Worker Education Programmes, Informal Settlements In South Africa, Internal And Cross-border Migration To Urban Areas, Mother And Children As Migrants, Parents Of Young Women Labour Migrants, Cycles Of Poverty In South Africa, Children As Participants In International Migration, South To South Migration, Migration And Integration In Southern Africa, Labour Migration In Southern Africa

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