Digital Transformation in Semiconductor Manufacturing

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Keil Sophia et al. (Editors), "Digital Transformation in Semiconductor Manufacturing", Springer Nature, 2020, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-48602-0, License:

This open access book reports on cutting-edge electrical engineering and microelectronics solutions to foster and support digitalization in the semiconductor industry. Based on the outcomes of the European project iDev40, which were presented at the two first conference editions of the European Advances in Digital Transformation Conference (EADCT 2018 and EADTC 2019), the book covers different, multidisciplinary aspects related to digital transformation, including technological and industrial developments, as well as human factors research and applications. Topics include modeling and simulation methods in semiconductor operations, supply chain management issues, employee training methods and workplaces optimization, as well as smart software and hardware solutions for semiconductor manufacturing. By highlighting industrially relevant developments and discussing open issues related to digital transformation, the book offers a timely, practice-oriented guide to graduate students, researchers and professionals interested in the digital transformation of manufacturing domains and work environments.


Cyber-physical Systems, Iot, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Robotics And Automation, Cyber-physical Systems, Industrial Management, Industrial Automation, Open Access, Semantic Web Technologies, Simulation-based Decision Making, Cycle Time Modeling, Automated Material Handling System, Material Flow Simulation, Digitalized Workplaces, Automated Decision-making, Cross Factory Decision-making, Mixed Criticality Systems, Digital Twin, Rapid Prototyping, System Dynamic Simulation, Return On Quality, Idev40, Eadtc 2018, Eadtc 2019, Electrical Engineering, Cybernetics & Systems Theory, Engineering: General, Management Of Specific Areas, Robotics

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