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Obstructions in Security-Aware Business Processes

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Holderer Julius, "Obstructions in Security-Aware Business Processes", Springer Nature, 2022, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-658-38154-7, License:

This Open Access book explores the dilemma-like stalemate between security and regulatory compliance in business processes on the one hand and business continuity and governance on the other. The growing number of regulations, e.g., on information security, data protection, or privacy, implemented in increasingly digitized businesses can have an obstructive effect on the automated execution of business processes. Such security-related obstructions can particularly occur when an access control-based implementation of regulations blocks the execution of business processes. By handling obstructions, security in business processes is supposed to be improved. For this, the book presents a framework that allows the comprehensive analysis, detection, and handling of obstructions in a security-sensitive way. Thereby, methods based on common organizational security policies, process models, and logs are proposed. The Petri net-based modeling and related semantic and language-based research, as well as the analysis of event data and machine learning methods finally lead to the development of algorithms and experiments that can detect and resolve obstructions and are reproducible with the provided software.


It-security, Business Process Management, Security And Privacy, Process Security, Compliance, Process Automation, Process Modeling, Petri Net, Process Mining, Data Mining

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