Sustainable Land Management in a European Context

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Weith Thomas et al. (Editors), "Sustainable Land Management in a European Context", Springer Nature, 2021, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-50841-8, License:

This open access book presents and discusses current issues and innovative solution approaches for land management in a European context. Manifold sustainability issues are closely interconnected with land use practices. Throughout the world, we face increasing conflict over the use of land as well as competition for land. Drawing on experience in sustainable land management gained from seven years of the FONA programme (Research for Sustainable Development, conducted under the auspices of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research), the book stresses and highlights co-design processes within the “co-creation of knowledge”, involving collaboration in transdisciplinary research processes between academia and other stakeholders. The book begins with an overview of the current state of land use practices and the subsequent need to manage land resources more sustainably. New system solutions and governance approaches in sustainable land management are presented from a European perspective on land use. The volume also addresses how to use new modes of knowledge transfer between science and practice. New perspectives in sustainable land management and methods of combining knowledge and action are presented to a broad readership in land system sciences and environmental sciences, social sciences and geosciences.


Sustainable Development, Regional/spatial Science, Environmental Geography, Human Geography, Knowledge - Discourse, Environmental Social Sciences, Regional And Spatial Economics, Environmental Studies, Biotechnology, Open Access, Sustainable Land Management, System Solutions, Governance Of Land, Transdisciplinarity Interdisciplinarity, Knowledge Management, Sustainability, Political Economy, Regional Studies, Development & Environmental Geography, Human Geography, Sociology

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