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Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in Cultural and Media Studies

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Ganahl Simon, "Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in Cultural and Media Studies", transcript Verlag, 2022, DOI: 10.1515/9783839456019, License:

Campus Medius explores and expands the possibilities of digital cartography in cultural and media studies. Simon Ganahl documents the development of the project from a historical case study to a mapping platform. Based on the question of what a media experience is, the concepts of the apparatus (dispositif) and the actor-network are translated into a data model. A time-space of twenty-four hours in Vienna in May 1933, marked by a so-called »Turks Deliverance Celebration« (Türkenbefreiungsfeier), serves as an empirical laboratory. This Austrofascist rally is mapped from multiple perspectives and woven into media-historical networks, spanning from the seventeenth century up to the present day.


Digital Mapping, Cartography, Mediality, Media Experience, Vienna, 1933, Austrofascism, Turks Deliverance Celebration, Dispositif, Actor-network, Media, Literature, Cultural History, Media History, Digital Media, German Literature, Digital Humanities, Media Studies

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