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Tobacco Control Policy in the Netherlands

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Willemsen Marc C., "Tobacco Control Policy in the Netherlands", Springer Nature, 2018, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-72368-6, License:

tobacco control; policy process; advocacy coalition framework; multiple streams approach; tobacco act; ministry of health; dutch smoking or health foundation; self-regulation; policy stagnation; the netherlands; tobacco taxation; cultural values; social norms; smoking rate; public support; corporatism; deregulation; evidence based health policy; lobby; agenda setting


Tobacco Control, Policy Process, Advocacy Coalition Framework, Multiple Streams Approach, Tobacco Act, Ministry Of Health, Dutch Smoking Or Health Foundation, Self-regulation, Policy Stagnation, The Netherlands, Tobacco Taxation, Cultural Values, Social Norms, Smoking Rate, Public Support, Corporatism, Deregulation, Evidence Based Health Policy, Lobby, Agenda Setting

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