Internal Crowdsourcing in Companies

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Ulbrich Hannah et al., "Internal Crowdsourcing in Companies", Springer Nature, 2021, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-52881-2, License:

This open access book examines the implications of internal crowdsourcing (IC) in companies. Presenting an employee-oriented, cross-sector reference model for good IC practice, it discusses the core theoretical foundations, and offers guidelines for process-management and blueprints for the implementation of IC. Furthermore, it examines solutions for employee training and competence development based on crowdsourcing. As such, the book will appeal to scholars of management science, work studies, organizational and participation research and to readers interested in inclusive approaches for cooperative change management and the IT implications for IC platforms.


Human Resource Development, Knowledge Management, Business Process Management, Business Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Management, It In Business, Agile Organisations, Scrum For Crowdsourcing, Future Of Work, Cultural Change, Employee Participation And Qualification, Collective Experience And Knowledge, Open Access, Personnel & Human Resources Management, Business Mathematics & Systems

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