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Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences

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Kastenhofer Karen and Molyneux-Hodgson Susan (Editors), "Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences", Springer Nature, 2021, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-61728-8, License:

This open access edited book provides new thinking on scientific identity formation. It thoroughly interrogates the concepts of community and identity, including both historical and contemporaneous analyses of several scientific fields. Chapters examine whether, and how, today’s scientific identities and communities are subject to fundamental changes, reacting to tangible shifts in research funding as well as more intangible transformations in our society’s understanding and expectations of technoscience. In so doing, this book reinvigorates the concept of scientific community. Readers will discover empirical analyses of newly emerging fields such as synthetic biology, systems biology and nanotechnology, and accounts of the evolution of theoretical conceptions of scientific identity and community. With inspiring examples of technoscientific identity work and community constellations, along with thought-provoking hypotheses and discussion, the work has a broad appeal. Those involved in science governance will benefit particularly from this book, and it has much to offer those in scholarly fields including sociology of science, science studies, philosophy of science and history of science, as well as teachers of science and scientists themselves. ; Reinvigorates the concept of scientific community Delineates ongoing changes across a range of epistemic cultures Elaborates on social, cultural and political aspects of contemporary technoscience Traces historical influences on technoscience, including in the European context Provides new thinking on scientific identity formation


Philosophical And Historical Foundations Of Science, Science And Technology Studies, Cultural Theory, Science Education, Governance And Government, Philosophy, Open Access, Community In The Technosciences, Communities Of Practice, Contemporary Technosciences, Emergence Of Technoscience, Epistemic Cultures, Engineering Laboratory Communities, Funding Regimes, Scientific Community, Scientific Identity, Science Governance, Synthetic Biology, Shaping Of Technoscience, Steering European Research, Science In Public, Science Communication, Technoscience And Society, Transdisciplinary Research, Philosophy Of Science, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Teaching Of A Specific Subject, Science: General Issues, Political Structure & Processes

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