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Revisiting Regionalism and the Contemporary World Order

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Féron Élise et al. (Editors), "Revisiting Regionalism and the Contemporary World Order", Verlag Barbara Budrich, 2019, DOI: 10.3224/384742328, License:

The book critically analyzes the ongoing changes in the regional, intra-regional, and global dynamics of cooperation, from a multi-disciplinary and pluralist perspective. It is based on the insight that in a post-hegemonic world the formation of regions and the process of globalization can be largely disconnected from the orbit of the US, and that a plurality of power and worldviews has replaced US hegemony. In spite of these changes, most existing analyses of current changes in the world order still rely upon Western-centered approaches, and Westphalian thinking. Against this backdrop, the book proposes to advance a truly global IR understanding of the post-hegemonic world, and weaves together the pluralist and multi-disciplinary perspectives of scholars located all around the world.


Brics, Globalisation, Globalization, International Relations, Multilateralism, Regions

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