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Hisham Elkadi Sara Biscaya (Editor), "Manchester Ship Canal", KIT Scientific Publishing, 2021, DOI: 10.5445/KSP/1000129076, License:

This book investigates how urban/rural patterns provide differing conditions for living and working. The project is to read and analyse these urban/rural settlement structures and provide insight into the patterns of living and working that have formed them and possible development of a smart networked metropole that integrate the urban and rural socio-economic and physical infrastructures for the future of disused European waterways.


Urban Regeneration, Städtebau, Urban Ecology, Architektur, Manchester Ship Canal, Stadtplanung, Urban Futures, Wasserstraßen, Smart Cities, Stadterneuerung, Stadtökologie, Manchester-schiffskanal, Urbane Zukunft, Smart Cities, Urban Design, Architecture, Urban Planning, Waterways

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