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Evidence-Based School Development in Changing Demographic Contexts

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Ylimaki Rose M. and Brunderman Lynnette A. (Editors), "Evidence-Based School Development in Changing Demographic Contexts", Springer Nature, 2022, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-76837-9, License:

This Open Access book features a school development model (Arizona Initiative for Leadership Development and Research – AZiLDR) that offers a roadmap for schools to navigate the complexities of continuous school development. Filled with processes that balance evidence-based values with democratic, culturally responsive values, this book offers strategies to mediate the tensions and to address school culture, context and values, leadership capacity, using data as a source of reflection, curricular and pedagogical activity, and strengths-based approaches to meeting the needs of culturally diverse students. You will find: · - Active, reflective activities · - Case studies illustrating each concept · - The research base supporting each concept · - Descriptions of processes from other contexts (South Carolina, Germany, Australia, Sweden) · - Thoughts about next steps for contextually sensitive and multi-level school development · - Suggestions for cross-national dialogue and research within the Zone of Uncertainty Use this ideal source to guide school leadership teams in creating productive schools that continually grow!


Leadership Development, Leadership Teams, Leadership Capacity, School Improvement, Leadership Coaching, Open Access, Culturally Responsive Schooling, Evidence-based Policy, Multi-level Leadership, International School Development

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