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Children's Exploration and Cultural Formation

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Hedegaard Mariane and Eriksen Ødegaard Elin (Editors), "Children's Exploration and Cultural Formation", Springer Nature, 2020, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-36271-3, License:

This open access book examines the educational conditions that support cultures of exploration in kindergartens. It conceptualises cultures of exploration, whether those cultures are created through children’s own engagement or are demanded of them through undertaking specific tasks within different institutional settings. It shows how the conditions for children’s exploration form a web of activities in different settings with social relationships, local landscapes and artefacts. The book builds on the understanding of cultural traditions as deeply implicated in the developmental processes, meaning that local considerations must be reflected in education for sustainable futures. Therefore the book examines and conceptualises exploration and cultural formation through locally situated cases and navigates toward global educational concepts. The book provides different windows into how children may explore in everyday practice settings in kindergarten, and contributes to a loci-based, ecological, integral knowledge relevant for early childhood education.


Early Childhood Education, Infancy And Early Childhood Development, International And Comparative Education, Child And School Psychology, Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, Children's Learning And Development Through Exploration, Exploration In Kindergarten, Children's Transcendence To School Learning, "glocal" Pedagogy, Froebel And Explorative Education, Cultural-historical Concept Of Playground Activities, Children And Teachers As Musical Explorers, Cultural Formation, Dialogical Engagement, Children's Play And Learning Activity, Inclusion And Exclusion, Pedagogical Hybridity Through Froebel, Open Access, Early Childhood Care & Education, Child, Developmental & Lifespan Psychology, Education

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