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Excavations at St James's Priory, Bristol

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Jackson Reg, "Excavations at St James's Priory, Bristol", , 2006, DOI: , License:

The Benedictine Priory of St James was established just outside the medieval city of Bristol in 1129AD. Two areas were excavated: Site 1 to the east of the Priory church, and Site 2 to the west. The Priory was largely destroyed during the Dissolution of 1540, but the area around Site 1 remained in use during the 17th and 18th centuries as housing was built there. Site 2 was in use from the late Saxon period to the 20th century. This publication presents the results of excavations carried out at Site 1 from 1989 and 1995, and from Site 2 from 1994 and '95, along with those obtained from a watching brief, kept during landscaping work in 1997. There are also specific chapters on finds and burials.


Social Science, Archaeology, History, Europe, Medieval

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