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Ethics and Drug Resistance: Collective Responsibility for Global Public Health

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Jamrozik Euzebiusz and Selgelid Michael (Editors), "Ethics and Drug Resistance: Collective Responsibility for Global Public Health", Springer Nature, 2020, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-27874-8, License:

This Open Access volume provides in-depth analysis of the wide range of ethical issues associated with drug-resistant infectious diseases. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is widely recognized to be one of the greatest threats to global public health in coming decades; and it has thus become a major topic of discussion among leading bioethicists and scholars from related disciplines including economics, epidemiology, law, and political theory. Topics covered in this volume include responsible use of antimicrobials; control of multi-resistant hospital-acquired infections; privacy and data collection; antibiotic use in childhood and at the end of life; agricultural and veterinary sources of resistance; resistant HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria; mandatory treatment; and trade-offs between current and future generations. As the first book focused on ethical issues associated with drug resistance, it makes a timely contribution to debates regarding practice and policy that are of crucial importance to global public health in the 21st century.


Bioethics, Drug Resistance, Infectious Diseases, Moral Philosophy And Applied Ethics, Medical Microbiology, Internal Medicine, Antimicrobial Resistance, Public Health Ethics, Collective Responsibility, Infectious Disease, Global Health, Hospital Acquired Infection, Animal Ethics, Animal Epidemiology, Tb Resistance And Human Rights, Tb Resistance In Developing Countries, Privacy And Data Collection, Ethics And Amr Regulation, Ethics Of Drug Development, Pharmacology, Infectious & Contagious Diseases

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