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Szczepanik Petr et al. (Editors), "Digital Peripheries", Springer Nature, 2020, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-44850-9, License:

This is an open access book. Media industry research and EU policymaking are predominantly tailored to large (and, in the latter case, Western) European markets. This open access book addresses the specific qualities of smaller media markets, highlighting their vulnerability to global digital competition and outlining survival strategies for them. New online distribution models and new trends in the consumption of audiovisual content are limited by, and pose new challenges for, existing audiovisual business models and their legal framework in the EU. The European Commission’s Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy, which was intended e.g. to remove obstacles to the cross-border distribution of audiovisual content, has triggered a heated debate on the transformation of the existing ecosystem for European screen industries. While most current discussions focus on the United States, Western Europe, and the multinational giants, this book approaches these industry trends and policy questions from the perspective of relatively small and peripheral (in terms of their population, language, cross-border cultural flows, and financial and/or symbolic capital) media markets.


Media Management, Media Sociology, European Union Politics, It Law, Media Law, Intellectual Property, European Cinema And Tv, Marketing, Political Science, European Film And Tv, Open Access, Small Media Markets, Eu Digital Single Market Strategy (dsm), Copyright Law, Media Industry Research, Online Media Distribution, Video On Demand, Media, Entertainment, Information & Communication Industries, Media Studies, Sociology, Politics & Government, Eu (european Union), Entertainment & Media Law, Performing Arts

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