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The Scorch Trials

James Dashner

Top 10 Best Quotes

“i felt her absence. it was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. you wouldn't need to run to the mirror to know they were gone”

“Rose took my nose, I suppose”

“Yeah, right," Minho said. "And Frypan's gonna start having little babies, Winston'll get rid of his monster acne, and Thomas here'll actually smile for once." Thomas turned to Minho and exaggerated a fake smile. "There, you happy?" "Dude," he responded. "You are one ugly shank.”

“The betrayal meant he couldn't trust her anymore, and his heart told him he couldn't forgive her.”

“Anybody else wanna pee their pants and cry for mommy?”

“No. I kind of accepted it, in a way. That saving you was worth losing what we might've had.”

“What's going on?" Newt asked, looking back and forth between Thomas and Aris. "Why're you guys looking at each other like you just fell in love?”

“They called you the Glue" "The Glue?" "Yeah. Probably because you're kind of the glue that holds us all together”

“He whipped out his sheet, then pulled it over himself and wrapped it tightly around his face like an old woman in a shawl. 'How do I look?' 'Like the ugliest shanky girl I’ve ever seen,' Minho responded. 'You better thank the gods above you were born a dude.' 'Thanks.”

“He turned to look just in time to see the rain start falling out as if the storm had finally decided to weep with shame for what it had done to them.”

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