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Spiritual Words to Live by : 81 Daily Wisdoms and Meditations to Transform Your Life

Todd Perelmuter

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We all have spiritual moments throughout our lives. That first moment you see a sunset, or a flower, maybe a piece of art, and you just say, "wow!" And in that moment of true awe and wonder, that is the moment we're all fully present, fully alert, fully appreciative, and there's a real connection made between the experience and the experiencer. There is no interpreter between them. It is pure presence.”

“You have all the answers within you. To stop seeking for answers outside of you is the start of being found. You are the answer. You are your guru. There are no questions to be answered. More importantly, there are no questions that need to be asked.”

“You do not know that which you cannot perceive.”

“Whether it’s ignoring our problems, ignoring negative emotions, ignoring physical or psychological pain, to ignore is the root of ignorance.”

“When you can just step back and see the big picture and know that good things will come, good things will go, bad things will come, bad things will go... then your happiness doesn't rely on any kind of external situation. That's the key to lasting happiness.”

“We get attached to certain people and forms and things and situations. The truth is, nothing lasts. Things will always change. There is nothing we forget more than this.”

“The road to peace lies inside.”

“The more peace we bring into our lives, the more peace we bring into this world.”

“So much of what people get obsessed about and go crazy over is just not important, not necessary.”

“Permanence is an illusion. Attachment is a delusion. The only thing that is real and everlasting is nothing at all. The only permanence is impermanence.”

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