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Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Jenny Han

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Never say no when you really want to say yes.”

“I guess that's part of growing up, too--saying goodbye to the things you used to love.”

“Being vulnerable, letting people in, getting hurt... it's all part of being in love.”

“Peter will love Lara Jean with all his heart, always”

“Is this how it goes? You fall in love, and nothing seems truly scary anymore, and life is one big possibility?”

“Kitty's always saying how origin stories are important. At college, when people ask us how we met, how will we answer them? The short story is, we grew up together. But that's more Josh's and my story. High school sweet-hearts? That's Peter and Gen's story. So what's ours, then? I suppose I'll say it all started with a love letter.”

“She always picked love; she always picked adventure. To her they were one and the same.”

“One day all of this will be proof, proof that we were here, proof that we loved each other. It’s the guarantee that no matter what happens to us in the future, this time was ours. When”

“I’m a person who saves things. I’ll hold on forever. *”

“It snuck up on me—growing up, I mean.”

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