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Flowers in the Attic

V.C. Andrews

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Love doesn't always come when you want it to. Sometimes it just happens, despite your will.”

“I wish the night would end, I wish the day'd begin, I wish it would rain or snow, or the wind would blow, or the grass would grow, I wish I had yesterday, I wish there were games to play...”

“We lived in the attic, Christopher, Cory, Carrie, and me, Now there are only three.”

“People make the rules of society, not God.”

“Children are very wise intuitively; they know who loves them most, and who only pretends.”

“There is no hate such as that born out of love betrayed- and my brain screamed out for revenge.”

“At the end of the rainbow waited the pot of gold. But rainbows were made of faint and fragile gossamer-and gold weighed a ton-and since the world began, gold was the reason to do most anything.”

“Grief, no matter how you try to cater to its wail, has a way of fading away.”

“It is so appropriate to color hope yellow, like the sun we seldom saw. And as I begin to copy from the old memorandum journals that I kept for so long, a title comes as if inspired. 'Open the Window and Stand in the Sunshine.' Yet, I hesitate to name our story that. For I think of us more as flowers in the attic.”

“And when I fall in love,” I began, "I will build a mountain to touch the sky. Then, my lover and I will have the best of both worlds, reality firmly under our feet, while we have our heads in the clouds with all our illusions still intact. And the purple grass will grow all around, high enough to reach our eyes.”

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