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Feral Sins

Suzanne Wright

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Just give me a second. Attempting to give a fuck...Attempting harder to give a fuck...Sorry, there was an error; fuck not given.”

“Wouldn’t you like to slip into something more comfortable though? Perhaps a coma?”

“Love is giving someone the power to completely destroy you, and hoping that they won’t”

“She's one of those people who are like Slinkies." "Slinkies?" "Yeah. Basically useless, but they make you smile when you push them down the stairs.”

“Oh no, honey, I'm an angel, I swear. The horns are only there to hold up the halo.”

“Hey, I have a suggestion, why not put a condom over your head – if you’re going to act like a complete dick then it makes sense to dress like one.”

“Taryn, are you even listening to me? “I pretended to, so let that be enough”

“Taryn,” he drawled in an impatient tone, “I am your mate –” And I’m stubborn, if you want absolute obedience, get a Labrador.”

“Erections don’t equal personal growth, Trey”

“I don’t mind if you want to start ranting just as long as you understand I’ll be ignoring every word”

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