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The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson

emily dickinson

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I died for beauty, but was scarce Adjusted in the tomb, When one who died for truth was lain In an adjoining room. He questioned softly why I failed? “For beauty,” I replied. “And I for truth,—the two are one; We brethren are,” he said. And so, as kinsmen met a night, We talked between the rooms, Until the moss had reached our lips, And covered up our names.”

“The sun just touched the morning; The morning, happy thing, Supposed that he had come to dwell, And life would be all spring.”

“Those who have not found the heaven below, will fail of it above.”

“They say that “time assuages,”— Time never did assuage; An actual suffering strengthens, As sinews do, with age. Time is a test of trouble, But not a remedy. If such it prove, it prove too There was no malady.”

“That it will never come again Is what makes life so sweet.”

“The Poets light but Lamps- Themselves-go out-”

“The Brain—is wider than the Sky—”

“Pain has an element of blank; It cannot recollect When it began, or if there were A day when it was not. It has no future but itself, Its infinite realms contain Its past, enlightened to perceive New periods of pain.”

“The brain within its groove Runs evenly and true; But let a splinter swerve, ’T were easier for you To put the water back When floods have slit the hills, And scooped a turnpike for themselves, And blotted out the mills!”

“Forever – is composed of Nows – ‘Tis not a different time – Except for Infiniteness – And Latitude of Home –”

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