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The Light Between Oceans

M.L. Stedman

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Scars are just another kind of memory.”

“There are still more days to travel in this life. And he knows that the man who makes the journey has been shaped by every day and every person along the way. Scars are just another kind of memory....Soon enough the days will close over their lives, the grass will grow over their graves, until their story is just an unvisited headstone.”

“Sometimes life turns out hard, Isabel. Sometimes it just bites right through you. And sometimes, just when you think it's done its worst, it comes back and takes another chunk.”

“Perhaps when it comes to it, no one is just the worst thing they ever did.”

“We live with the decisions we make, Bill. That’s what bravery is. Standing by the consequences of your mistakes.”

“No one ever has or ever will travel quite the same path on earth...”

“Sometimes it's good to leave the past in the past.”

“The oceans never stop ... the wind never finishes. Sometimes it disappears, but only to gather momentum from somewhere else, returning to fling itself at the island ... Existence here is on the scale of giants. Time is in the millions of years; rocks which from a distance look like dice cast against the shore are boulders hundreds of feet wide, licked round by millennia ...”

“It is a luxury to do something that serves no practical purpose: the luxury of civilization.”

“Then he remembered Ralph's words--"no point in fighting your war over and over until you get it right.”

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