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She's Come Undone

Wally Lamb

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Love is like breathing. You take it in and let it out.”

“Accept what people offer. Drink their milkshakes. Take their love.”

“I think... the secret is to just settle for the shape of your life takes...Instead of you know, always waiting and wishing for what might make you happy.”

“I know it's a crock of shit. I ain't offering you happily-ever-after. I'm offering you... happily-maybe-sometimes-ever-after. Sort of. You know, with warts and shit." -Thayer”

“If you want your prayers answered, get up off your knees and do something about them.”

“It was a matter of perspective, I began to see. The whole world was crazy; I'd flattered myself by assuming I was a semifinalist." -- Dolores Price”

“Life seemed nearest to acceptable at four A.M.”

“This was what could happen to you: you could end up this far from where you thought you were going.”

“I usually learn more from the situations I hate than the ones I love.”

“I thought about how love was always the thing that did that - smashed into you, left you raw. The deeper you loved, the deeper it hurt.”

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