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Lady Oracle

Margaret Atwood

Top 10 Best Quotes

“How could I be sleeping with this particular man.... Surely only true love could justify my lack of taste.”

“I planned my death carefully, unlike my life, which meandered along from one thing to another, despite my feeble attempts to control it.”

“I wanted to forget the past, but it refused to forget me; it waited for sleep, then cornered me.”

“Her glass wings are gone.”

“I didn't want him to become gray and multi-dimensional and complicated like everyone else. Was every Heathcliff a Linton in disguise?”

“I thought, men who changed their names were likely to be con-men, criminals, undercover agents or magicians, whereas women who changed their names were probably just married.”

“and each of his voices left his body in a different colored soul and floated up towards the sun still singing.”

“She sits on the iron throne She is one and three The dark lady the redgold lady The blank lady oracle of blood, she who must be obeyed forever Her glass wings are gone She floats down the river singing her last song”

“My life had a tendency to spread, get flabby, to scroll and festoon like the frame of a baroque mirror, which came from following the line of least resistance. I wanted my death, by contrast, to be neat and simple, understated, even a little severe, like a Quaker church or the basic black dress with a single strand of pearls...”

“Love was merely a tool, smiles were another tool, they were both just tools for accomplishing certain ends. No magic, merely chemicals. I felt I'd never really loved anyone, not Paul, not Chuck the Royal Porcupine, not even Arthur. I'd polished them with my love and expected them to shine, brightly enough to return my own reflection, enhanced and sparkling.”

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