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The Way I Used to Be

Amber Smith

Top 10 Best Quotes

“He's not the hero and he's not the enemy and he's not a god. He's just a boy. And I'm just a girl, a girl who needs to pick up her own pieces and put them back together herself.”

“I hate that just because you happen to be good at something,people automatically think that's what makes you happy,but it's not really like that, you know? It's not that simple.”

“Maybe He'll get what he deserves. Maybe Not. Maybe I'll never find it in my heart to forgive him. And maybe there's nothing wrong with that,either. All those maybes swimming around my head make me think that "maybe" could just be another word for hope.”

“All you have to do is act like you’re normal and okay, and people start treating you that way.”

“And I’m terrified he’ll see through the tough iceberg layer, and he’ll discover not a soft, sweet girl, but an ugly fucking disaster underneath.”

“. And I really wonder how people get to be normal like this. How they just seem to know what to say and do, automatically.”

“I can hear him breathing on the other side of the door,breathing oddly,like,unevenly. But,no,it's not him just breathing,I realize slowly. He's crying. And I kneel there on the other side of the door that might as well be the other side of the galaxy,feeling so empty,so dead inside.”

“Because, in my heart, I know, I’m not who he thinks I am. Not even close. And he’s not who I want him to be, either.”

“Screaming because I still feel like I'm back there, always back there, in my heart I'm still that girl. (page 295)”

“I think about how they say when most people get into car accidents, it's less than one mile from their home. Maybe that's because everything's so familiar, you stop paying attention. You don't notice the one thing that's different or wrong or off or dangerous. And I think about how maybe that's what just happened to me. (page 10)”

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