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Honor's Splendour

Julie Garwood

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I am ever a gentle maiden," she shouted. "Damn if I'm not.”

“Lady Madelyne had sealed her own fate. She'd warmed his feet.”

“I've just vowed my love for you. Have you nothing to say in return?" Duncan asked. "Thank you, husband.”

“If you get yourself killed, I'll find your grave and spit on it," she threatened.”

“The man irritated her just like a rash.”

“You take my heart with you, my loving captor." "Nay, Madelyne. I am your captive in body and soul.”

“Get off me. You weigh more than the doors to your home.”

“You're taller than I am, but I'm stronger, and meaner right this minute than you could ever imagine" - Lady Madelyne.”

“It's a shame you know," he called over his shoulder. "What's a shame?" Duncan asked. "That I didn't capture her first." Duncan smiled. "Nay, Edmond, it was a blessing. God's truth, I would have taken her from you.”

“For though Duncan was a mere mortal, flawed as well, he'd accomplished a daring feat. Aye, he'd captured an angel. And she belonged to him.”

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