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Imitation in Death

J.D. Robb

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You've got no sense of humor." "I'm going to laugh really hard after I kick your ass.”

“Roarke: "I'll drop you." Eve: "No, better I catch a cab or take the underground. This guy sees me show up in a hot car with a fancy piece behind the wheel, he's not going to like me." Roarke: "You know how I love being referred. to as your fancy piece." Eve: "Sometimes you're my love muffin. He managed a strangled laugh.She could, at the oddest times, surprise him.”

“If you tell me I'm sensible in addition to normal and wise, I'm going to punch you in the stomach.”

“Peabody, you're an investigative slut.”

“I will give you more pain than you can imagine. Your brains will leak out of your ears, and your bowels out of your ass. I will cause that to happen without leaving a mark, and every cop here will swear you died of natural causes.”

“Women are the worst. They zero in on some guy. Oh boy, he’s the one, gotta get me that one. So they do. Then they spend the rest of their time trying to figure out how to change him. Then if they manage it, they’re not all that interested anymore, because guess what? He’s not the one anymore.” Peabody was silent for several moments. “Somewhere in there is a lot of good sense.”

“When I came in and you were sleeping, I thought: There’s my soldier, exhausted from her wars.” He lifted her hand, kissed her fingers. “Now, I look, and I think: There’s my woman, soft and lovely.” Her lips curved as he undressed her. “Where do you get this stuff?” “It just comes to me. I’ve only to look at you, and the world comes to me. You’re my life.”

“You know how I love being referred to as your fancy piece.” “Sometimes you’re my love muffin.” He managed a strangled laugh. She could, at the oddest times, surprise him.”

“U.N.? As in United Nations?” “No, U.N. as in Unidentified Numbskulls.”

“There was Ireland in his voice, dreamy wisps of it that could, unexpectedly, wind around her heart.”

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