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The Dark and Hollow Places

Carrie Ryan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I don't understand how I can know so little about love and how it works. How I can be so bad at it when it's all I've ever wanted. All I've ever known is about leaving or being left.”

“Survivors aren't always the strongest; sometimes they're the smartest, but more often simply the luckiest.”

“It's one thing to know a truth in your head but another to understand it in your heart.”

“The broken ones need someone to fight for them even harder.”

“Life is never that simple. And the fact that it's not that simple to you means only one thing: You're still alive.”

“What matters is what we do with the life we have.”

“Sometimes life isn't about the end. It's not always about tomorrow and the day after that-what we achieve over the years and how we leave the world. Sometimes it's about today...Any of us could die tomorrow regardless of the horde. We could get sick or be injured or anything else. That's the risk we take waking up each morning and stepping outside.”

“There's one detail I've always remembered: He told me how long it takes the light from the stars to reach through space to us. How most of the points of light we see actually no longer exist. We're just seeing the remnants of what was-- ghosts of what use to be.”

“I stare at the way the tracks of her tears break across her jaw and along her neck, at how it looks like her face, once shattered, has been carefully put back together. And I wonder if that’s what my scars really are: proof that I’ve put myself back together again.”

“I feel as though I'm a storm inside and the waves of it can be seen in my eyes.”

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