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The Wind Through the Keyhole

Stephen King

Top 10 Best Quotes

“What if I fall?', Tim cried. Maerlyn laughed. 'Sooner or later, we all do.”

“In the end, the wind takes everything, doesn't it? And why not? Why other? If the sweetness of our lives did not depart, there would be no sweetness at all.”

“A person’s never too old for stories. Man and boy, girl and woman, we live for them. - Roland Deschain”

“Time is a keyhole, he thought as he looked up at the stars. Yes, I think so. We sometimes bend and peer through it. And the wind we feel on our cheeks when we do - the wind that blows through the keyhole- is the breath of all the living universe.”

“Pray for rain all you like, but dig a well as you do it.”

“It was not fair, it was not fair, it was not fair. So cried his child's heart, and then his child's heart died a little. For that is also the way of the world.”

“Time was a face on the water, and like the great river before them, it did nothing but flow.”

“There's nothing like stories on a windy night when folks have found a warm place in a cold world.”

“The stories we hear in our childhood are the ones we remember all our lives.”

“It hurt, of course, but more often than not the best things do, I've found.”

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