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Julia Hoban

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It's hard to keep a secret when it's written all over your body... ”

“...if this is not a happy ending, it is perhaps a happy beginning.”

“Well, sometimes I worry that my whole life will be based about what's comfortable and easy. I'll care too much about what makes me feel good to ever really reach for anything. And then I worry that even if I do, I won't succeed.”

“If you go, then I'll miss you.. terribly”

“If she let herself, she’d drown in a world of pain”

“I just figured out why someone would want to make the first mirror... I think some lover wanted his beloved to see how she appeared to him. He wanted her to be able to see herself the way that he did.”

“I guess what scares me the most now is the thought that I won't be able to protect you”

“...her hand closes on smooth metal. Her fingers test the sharpness of the edge. Perfect. It's a fresh blade. The girls' voices rustle in her head. Their clamoring pushes out all rational thought. She rolls up her sleeve. The bite of the blade kills the noise. It wipes out the memory of those staring faces. Willow looks at her arm, at the life springing from her. Tiny pinpricks of red that blossom into giant peonies.”

“Willow sees her before any of the others. A walking skeleton, the victim of some terrible wasting disease, like something out of the history books, a death camp survivor. It takes Willow a moment to realize that the girl is none of those things. She's just a girl, a girl like Willow, who's chosen to inflict terrible pain on herself. Only this girl's weapon isn't a razor, it's starvation.”

“I need a Kleenex.” She sniffs. Guy disengages his hands from hers, takes the hem of his sweatshirt, and wipes her nose with it. “That’s romantic,” she says, embarrassed. “Well, it is sort of, because I wouldn’t do it for anybody else in the world.”

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