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An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Hank Green

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Behold the field in which I grow my fucks. Lay thine eyes upon it and see that it is barren.”

“I had a very happy childhood; I just wasn’t a very happy child.”

“Just because someone has power over you doesn’t mean they’re going to use it to hurt you. People who believe that tend to either be: People who have been victims of that sort of behavior, or . . . People who, if given power, will use it to hurt you.”

“Even on this most terrible days, even when the worst of us are all we can think of, I am proud to be a human.”

“You can only do so much pretending before you become the thing you're pretending to be.”

“The power that each of us has over complete strangers to make them feel terrible and and frightened and weak is amazing.”

“Just because you can't imagine something doesn't mean you can't do it.”

“I’d heard all this before, but I also knew that this line of argument worked. If you tell people that they’re being attacked for their beliefs, then suddenly they want to defend their beliefs, even if they didn’t really believe them before. It’s pretty amazing, really.”

“What is reality except for the things that people universally experience the same way?”

“Knowing something is a bad idea does not always decrease the odds that you will do it.”

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