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The Almond Tree

Michelle Cohen Corasanti

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You cannot go back and make a new start, but you can start now and make a new ending”

“Hatred is self-punishment. Do you think they're feeling bad because you hate them?”

“Good things make choosing difficult.Bad things leave no choice”

“Success is not about never falling, but about rising every time you fall”

“Courage, I realised, was not the absence of fear: it was the absence of selfishness; putting someone else's interest before one's own.”

“He who aims too high will get a sore neck”

“Many great men can attribute their success to the fact that they didn't have the advantages other men had”

“People hate out of fear and ignorance. If they could just get to know the people they hate, and focus on their common interests, they could overcome that hatred.”

“The world should have stopped, but it didn't.”

“He looked me directly in the eye. 'So you live in America?' 'We do.' I smiled. He stopped, opened his backpack, pulled out an empty tear gas grenade and handed it to me. 'I believe it was a present from your country.' Majid smiled. 'Tell your friends thanks. We got their grenade.”

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