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You Deserve Each Other

Sarah Hogle

Top 10 Best Quotes

“But you still haven't said you love me." "That's not true." "You haven't." "I say it all the time, I just say it very, very quietly. I tell you when you're in another room, or right after we hang up the phone. I tell you when you've got headphones on. I say it after you shut the door behind you. I say it in my head every time you look at me.”

“I’m a miserable cynic (a newer development) and a dreamy romantic (always have been), and it’s such a terrible combination that I don’t know how to tolerate myself.”

“Relearning you has been the best thing that's ever happened to me.”

“We already know each other’s worst. We’ve battled right through it and come out the other side unbreakable. There will inevitably be arguments, concessions, and peace treaties drawn up in spilled blood, sweat, and tears. We’re going to have to choose each other, over and over, and be each other’s champion, never letting ourselves forget the good whenever we’re stuck in a patch of bad. It’s going to be work. But let me tell you something about Nicholas Benjamin Rosefield: He’s worth it.”

“He heaves a deep breath. Wipes a tear away with his thumb. "I'm here, okay?" He grasps my shoulder and squeezes gently. "These aren't platitudes. I'm right here. And I want to listen. Whenever you're sad, I want to hear why. I want to know what you're feeling, all the time, so I can share those feelings with you.”

“You wanna give me some space?” “Well, you’re not saying anything.” “I’m talking to myself right now. Give us a minute.”

“Has Nicholas ever looked this happy? No. What a shame, to know I've been accepting anything less than this smile he's giving me right now.”

“Give yourself permission to put yourself first.”

“Of course I love you, Naomi. I never stopped.”

“She's worth the pain of trying. Worth the risk of failing”

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