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The Future of Us

Jay Asher

Top 10 Best Quotes

“How can you call it love when it hurt you so badly?" "It was love because it was worth it.”

“When the right moment appears, the key is to not let it pass.”

“If I had a chance with him, I missed it. No, I didn't miss it. I threw it away.”

“They were like two magnets who couldn't decide whether to attract or repel.”

“Why does it say she has three hundred and twenty friends?" Josh asks. "Who has that many friends?”

“People grow apart, and sometimes, there nothing anyone can do about it.”

“What the hell happened to Pluto?!”

“Rejection always hurts, but having it come from my best friend was the worst.”

“You need to figure out what you want, Josh. If that means you need to swim against the tide to get it, at least youre aiming for something that could make you very happy.”

“Emma:“He broke your heart! How can you call it love when he hurt you so badly?” Kellan:“It was love because it was worth it.”

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