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A Beautiful Composition of Broken

R.H. Sin

Top 10 Best Quotes

“you've been holding on to someone who no longer deserves your grip you've lost countless hours of sleep thinking about someone who doesn't deserve to be on your mind you've displayed an amazing ability to care so deeply unconditionally and you're beautiful because of that one day you'll be rewarded with a love that mirrors your own but first you must move on without the person who refuses to love you”

“if i could do it all again i would've loved me more instead of waiting on you”

“3:29:50 pm what is it that you love about him is it the way he lets you down incapable of lifting you up is it the way your heart breaks when he says something that shatters your self-esteem is it the fact he never shows up when you need him tell me again what is there to love about a man who doesn't love you”

“falling apart doesn't make you weak a strong heart is capable of breaking”

“The Fight the fight to prove yourself to someone who doesn't deserve you is a losing battle what is there to achieve when the one you want has nothing to give you in return where is the benefit in going to war for someone who'd rather fight against you instead of beside you”

“giving off the appearance of strength while breaking down deep within and yet no one ever knows because being strong often means being silent”

“I could've been your everything but you didn't have the courage to love me in the way I needed”

“delicate yet strong there's a certain balance that only a woman like her can obtain she knows what she deserves ]and provided anything less she'll walk away in search of more she's guarded, sure but she's ready to open up to the one who deserves her”

“know your worth and never communicate reply or respond to anyone who can't afford to speak to you or with you”

“you begin to talk like me your facial expressions like my own this is when i knew you were mine”

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fight, courage, poetry, heartbreak

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