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Woman on the Edge of Time

Marge Piercy

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We can only know what we can truly imagine. Finally what we see comes from ourselves.”

“The anger of the weak never goes away, Professor, it just gets a little moldy. It molds like a beautiful blue cheese in the dark, growing stronger, and more interesting. The poor and the weak die with all their anger intact and probably those angers go on growing in the dark of the grave like the hair and the nails.”

“The powerful don’t make revolutions”

“Hate them more than you hate yourself, and you’ll stay free!”

“Never in your life have you been helpless—under somebody’s heel. You never lived where your enemies held power over you, power to run your life or wipe it out. You can’t understand. That’s how come you stand there feeding me empty slogans!” Luciente bowed her head. “You crit me justly, Connie. Forgive me. I’ll try to see your situation more clearly and make less loud noises in your ears.”

“The point of creating futures is to get people to imagine what they want and don’t want to happen down the road – and maybe do something about it.”

“Suddenly she thought that these men believed feeling itself a disease, something to be cut out like a rotten appendix. Cold, calculating, ambitious, believing themselves rational and superior, they chased the crouching female animal through the brain with a scalpel. From an early age she had been told that what she felt was unreal and didn’t matter. Now they were about to place in her something that would rule her feelings like a thermostat”

“When I was a child, I first noticed that neither history as I was taught it nor the stories I was told seemed to lead to me. I began to fix them.”

“Only in us do the dead live. Water flows downhill through us. The sun cools in our bones. We are joined with all living in one singing web of energy. In us live the dead who made us. In us live the children unborn. Breathing each other’s air, drinking each other’s water, eating each other’s flesh, we grow like a tree from the earth.”

“I want to do something very important. Like fly into the past and make it come out right.”

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Book Keywords:

time-travel, utopia, human-nature, revisionism, writing, imagination, feminism, protest, philosophy, science, dystopia

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