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Melissa Landers

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Scoot over," she whispered. The mattress shook with his movement. "A little more," she said. "If I get any closer to the wall," he hissed, "I'll have to buy it dinner.”

“She had no idea what the future would hold for any of them, beyond possibilities as infinite as the stars. And really, that was enough.”

“When I walk into a room, you're the only person I see. My brain doesn't get a choice anymore, because there's something inside you so rare it radiates out and blocks everyone else. You have the kind of beauty that can't be manufactured - the kind that comes from in here." He tapped a finger against her chest. "I didn't know what real beauty was before I met you, but I get it now. So trust me when I say you're the most breathtaking girl in my world.”

“Cheating death was exhausting.”

“With her back turned, she loosened each plait until her hair hung in waves that curled around her waist. Then she spun to face him and puffed a sigh. “Fine. You caught me. I guess there’s no use pretending anymore.” Doran settled in and waited for the punch line. “I lured you onto this ship,” she said, “because I couldn’t get enough of your scintillating personality.” There it was. “Kiss me, Doran,” she cried, flopping onto the mattress with one arm slung over her eyes and the other clutched to her breast. “I burn for you, hotter than a thousand hells.” He cocked his head to the side. “I think there’s an ointment for that.”

“I like waking up in sheets that smell like you,” he said, gentler this time. “And I like the little wrinkle that shows up between your eyes every time you look at me. When I think about giving that up, I can’t breathe.”

“Doran set it in front of her with a grin that made her want to slap him so hard his grandkids would feel it.”

“At one point, Doran took a blow to the head so hard he saw the future. And he wasn’t in it.”

“No scarf tonight?" the captain asked, pointing at Solara's neck. "I guess you finally beat that cold virus." "I don't believe she had a cold," Renny said thoughtfully. "I'll bet it was the Hoover flu. You know, named after the old vacuum cleaners on Earth?" "Oh, I've heard of that disease," Cassia chimed in. "Doesn't it cause a rash that looks like suction marks? Highly contagious when mixed with cute guys and Crystalline?”

“She glanced at their fused bodies and told him, “The nuns would say we’re not leaving enough room for the Holy Spirit.” It took a second for Doran to find his breath because she’d stolen it. “That’s all right. The Holy Spirit doesn’t belong here. He would just get in the way.”

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