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The Shadow of Kyoshi

F.C. Yee

Top 10 Best Quotes

“People shouldn't have everything they want. No one is entitled to their every desire. To live in balance, we must willingly decide not to take all that we can from the world, and from others.”

“You either accept the risk of winning, or the guarantee of losing.”

“You must give up your desire for someone to tell you your choices were correct in the end.”

“Weakness is practiced and learned as much as strength is!”

“You can have your past, or you can have your future. Not both.”

“Honor cannot be coveted too dearly, young lady. Sometimes it must be laid down for the good of others.”

“Enemies are enemies, but no one can shame you like your own family.”

“No fire is ever the same fire. No Avatar is ever the same person. You and the flame change with every moment, every generation. You are one flame, and you are many.”

“She had the obligation to be more than the sum of her grievances with the world.”

“I believe I have to make peace with my own choices, just like everyone else.”

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