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Tamora Pierce

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If I have to 'catch' a man to get a husband, I don't want one.”

“Don't threaten someone unless you're certain you can carry out the threat.”

“The hardest lesson any of us must learn is there’s only so much we can do,” she informed him, her voice lemon-tart. “We run into it headfirst all the time, knowing what we can do, what we can’t, how much we can do. We think of magic as this promise that we will fix anything that comes our way, Keth. We can’t.”

“New learning never hurt anybody.”

“Scrying the wind is very difficult, Tris,” Niko said gently. “It’s like scrying the future. You’re assailed with thousands of images — fragments, really. It drives many who try it insane.” “You learned to scry the future,” Tris pointed out. “And a number of people have informed me they think I am mad,” Niko replied, his voice very dry.”

“It occurred to Keth for the first time that perhaps magic wasn't simply a matter of fires, lightning, and power in the air, if spoken words could also create such a transformation.”

“Niko, these women deserve better than to have a monster pick them off one by one while those who should protect them say it's alright if they die, as long as they don't spread the pollution of their deaths around.”

“Most girls your age worry about husbands, not the redistribution of lightning”

“He deserves to die" - "but do you deserve to kill him?”

“Either I'm adult enough to have a medallion and a student and make my own stupid choices or I'm not.”

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