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Broms The Poet

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She doesn’t just take the road less travelled; she paves it as she braves it, and carves her name into its wet concrete.”

“She has a beauty that has a way of making the ugly of this world, a little easier to face.”

“She will not take you to Heaven unless you help her build the stairs.”

“What’s it going to be? A life of time, or the time of your life? You decide.”

“Today someone had asked me who my person was. I thought about the question for a moment and said, ‘I am.’.”

“Rumours are always started for a reason, but that doesn’t always mean the reason is truth.”

“People will encourage you to have an opinion, until the opinion you have, is not the correct opinion…in their opinion.”

“Wear your heart on your sleeve so the good ones know where to find you.”

“The world will tell you what you are worth, until you show it you are not for sale.”

“Surround yourself with people who surround themselves with more than just people.”

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