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The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks: For continued success in leadership

Assegid Habtewold

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The people who would like to manipulate and use you won't tell you your blind spots. They may plan to continue using them to their advantage.”

“When someone respects you, s/he confronts you in private before taking you in public and/or stabbing in the back and backbiting you...”

“When we generalize and judge people quickly without taking ample time, we've chosen a shortcut. It's superficial of us, and a lack of wisdom.”

“Keep on smiling, treat people with respect, be cool even if some may not treat you the same. How people treat you doesn't change who you're.”

“No one cared when you were doing nothing. If they now criticize, ridicule, & character assassinate you means you’re doing something great...”

“You can't train people loyalty. A person with loyalty is a great asset than a smart but disloyal one...”

“It takes valor to identify your breaking points and refuse to allow people/circumstances use them to force you say/do things you don’t believe


“A winning mindset can transform an underdog into a champion, conqueror, and achiever. You’re a mindset away from winning your battles!”

“When you feel like you're crazy because you think differently than the people around you, God sends a confirmation that you've not lost it.”

“Life is full of games. Be a proactive player. Most importantly, know who is throwing at you, what and why. When you do, life becomes fun...”

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