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The Great Brain Cleanse

Toni Sorenson

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Weight loss doesn't begin in the gym with a dumb bell; it starts in your head with a decision.”

“Until you believe you can do it, it's going to be difficult to convince anyone else you can do it.”

“Take a discovery walk today to find what's missing in your life. There's peace in the whisper of the wind, hope in the sun smiling from behind clouds, strength in every step forward. You can do it!”

“Rejection is a blade to the heart. It's the worst kind of pain.”

“Walking a mile in someone else's shoes isn't as much about the walk or the shoes; it's to be able to think like they think, feel what they feel, and understand why they are who and where they are. Every step is about empathy.”

“Today is a gift that will be taken from you at day's end. Don't waste a moment, a chance, a lesson. You'll never live today again.”

“Unhappiness comes when we feel helpless. Hope comes the minute we decide we are not.”

“The only way you’re going to be defeated is if you allow your brain to shut down your body. If you stop making progress, you’re damned.”

“Oh, child, my child, if only you realized who you truly are.”

“If you leave your dreams on your pillow, you might as well just stay in bed. To make dreams come true you’ve got to get up and take action.”

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