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Kailin Gow

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There are fairy lights set up around the garden, shining like miniature stars among the roses and making them seem to glow translucently in the fading light. It's such a beautiful, calm space. ", FADE by

“it was my destiny.", FADE by

“We get past things. We keep going. That’s what people do, Celes. As long as they keep doing that, there’s always hope for the future.”, FADE by

“The world doesn’t stop, even when you’ve just saved it.", FADE by

“That talent lives in within me. Now though, it goes as easily as a sword being put back in a scabbard. It’s done what it was needed for. It’s done the most important thing it will ever be needed for.", FADE by

“Sometimes, hope is all we have. Hope and trust.", FADE by

“Sometimes it isn’t just about the people doing the exciting part of things. Sometimes it’s about the people holding things together back home too.", FADE by

“Science suggests that the asteroid strike that destroyed the dinosaurs was not going to be an isolated event, for example. There was always the possibility of more impacts.", FADE by

“My parents thought that I had ADD when I was young,” I say, remembering. “I couldn’t concentrate well then. That just made me frustrated. Angry. It was only when I started running… running helped me to deal with it.”, Celestra Caine in FADE by

“Lots of animals are smaller than they used to be. Look at the size crocodiles used to be around the time of the dinosaurs. Or most of the huge mammals following that. Sometimes, being smaller means that you don’t have to find as much food.”, FADE by

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