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The Wasted Vigil

Nadeem Aslam

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Pull a thread here and you’ll find it’s attached to the rest of the world.”

“On the journey towards the beloved, you live by dying at every step.”

“The bullet that has hit us Muslims today left the gun centuries ago when we let the clergy decide that knowledge and education were not important.”

“All those who love know exactly the limit they're prepared to go to. They know exactly what is required.”

“The young everywhere…would prefer to live in houses that consist only of doors.”

“Even the air of this country has a story to tell about warfare. It is possible here to lift a piece of bread from a plate and following it back to its origins, collect a dozen stories concerning war-how it affected the hand that pulled it out of the oven, the hand that kneaded the dough, how war impinged upon the field where wheat was grown.”

“To visit certain streets was to realise that only the sky remained unchanged there.”

“How keen everyone is to make this world their home forgetting its impermanence. It's like trying to see and name constellations in a fireworks display.”

“Afghanistan had collapsed and everyone's life now lies broken at different levels within the rubble.”

“Wolves exhibiting strange behaviour -- caught in traps and thrashing about, injured by other creatures or by bullets, pups suffering from epilepsy -- are attacked and killed by their pack members. But here everyone is human and must try to understand each other's mystery. Each other's pain.”

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